When it comes to betting, there is no comparison of cricket and no sport comes even close. You can place short bets at any given time in the game or for test matches lasting for up to five days.

Therefore, at Sikkimbet, we thought it to be a good idea to address the needs of all the cricket betting enthusiasts online and perhaps clarify any terms that may confuse the newbie cricket bettors online.

The idea is to clarify the terms that the more seasoned cricket bettors know about but for those who are just making headway into the world of online cricket betting in India or anywhere on the globe.



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Terms Used In Online Betting


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Basic Terms Used in Online Betting


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Terminologies in Online Cricket Betting


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1st Wicket Method

It is betting on how the first wicket would fall, it may be caught behind, LBW, or bold, or perhaps a catch at the galley. There can be other ways too in which a batsman can get out like getting run out due to rash running, getting out on a spinning bowl, and being stumped or hit wicket (rare though)

1st Over Total Runs

It is a cricket wager that’s placed on the 1st over and if more or fewer runs will be scored against a given number for the total runs to be scored. Now, if the better has given the figure of 4 runs and in total 3 runs were scored, it was an under bet. However, if the total runs scored were 5, then it was an over bet. For reference read Over or Under.

A Hundred or Fifty to Be Scored in the Match

It is a prediction that is not related to a particular over or situation. Instead, this is a cricket bet that spreads to the full length of a cricketing match. In this bet, a cricket bettor bets whether a player would score 50 or 100 runs in a given match. This particular type of bet is a hot favorite for cricket bettors betting on T20 matches and may also be placed in regular ODIs (One Day Internationals) matches or Tests.

A Hundred or Fifty to Be Scored in the 1st Innings

This prediction is similar to the one above. However, in this situation, the bet is placed on the first inning instead of the entire length of the whole match. This cricket bet allows bettors to place a bet on a player to score a century or fifty runs during the 1st innings of the match. Again there is no hard and fast run and we can find opportunities of placing a hundred or fifty to be scored in the 1st innings for a T20, ODI, or a Test Match.

What is Dead Heat?

It is not a common event occurring in the betting scene in the game of cricket. However, it is a situation that may arise when there is a tie and two players have won a betting event. For instance, if two players have scored the same number of scores in a given match, that is a dead heat and the bet money will be divided into halves.

Batsman Matches

It is a market that imagines the formation of duels (mainly by the betting providers) and it is a bet on a batsman making the most number of runs is the winner of this duel.

What are Cricket Futures?

When an online cricketing bettor places a bet on an event that would occur in the future. Futures can cover different types of betting situations and typical example includes BPL, PSL, IPL, and Big Bash (T20 tournaments).

Draw No Bet

This is a situation in which the betting provider offers a market to cater to the case of a draw (X), this is particularly a situation more prevalent in the Test Matches and rarity in T20 and ODI cricketing contests. If a cricket match ends in a draw, that means the amount spend on the match by the bettors is refunded to them, whereas the odds are 1.00.

Highest Opening Partnership

A situation in which one of the two teams has an outstanding partnership. The bettors who betted on the team that had the highest opening partnership score wins the bet.


When we place bets on both sides against each bet, we are trying to hedge our risk. It is a practice to reduce potential losses.

Man of the Match

A cricket player, whether the wicketkeeper, batsman, or bowler from the two competing teams produces the best match performance and is voted by match administrating officials as the man of the match.


A lock is an easy bet and the expected result is in favor of the bettor.

Most Run Outs

It is a bet placed on predicting which team would have the most run-outs. In this case fielding places, a vital role. However, if both teams have the same number of runouts, the team that has fielded is usually the winner.

Most Match Sixes

It is another team bet in which bettors try to predict which of the two teams will hit the most number of sixes. A six is a cricketing shot that goes over the rope without a bounce or just bounces onto the boundary rope.

Over or Under

The betting provider gives a number of their choice and asks the bettors to bet if the combined total of the runs scored by both the teams will be greater or less than that particular number.

Series Score

This particular type of cricketing bet is usually placed on Test matches played in series. For example, after the 1st game of the series ends, the next remaining matches could be 2-1, 1-2, or 3-0.

Point Spread

It is a head start or a handicap that is given to a strong team expected to lose the match. This is given by the betting providers to bettors for betting purposes only.

Team That Makes Highest 1st 6 Overs

That team that can score the highest total runs during the first 6 overs will win this bet.

Winning the Toss

To place a cricket bet on winning the toss. The team which wins the toss before the start of the match is the winner of the toss.

Winning the Match

It is a bet placed on winning of the match by any of the two teams (for home – 1 and away -2). Test matches also provide us the opportunity to bet on a draw (X).

Top Batsman of the Match

Placing a bet on the batsman who makes the most runs in a cricket match. Batsmen from both the teams are taken into consideration.

What is to Win Outright?

When a bet is placed on the winner of a competition or a cricket series with the team winning most of the matches in a series. Typically, bets can be placed on the winner of a Test Series, T20 Big Bas, County Championships, the ICC Champions Trophy, the Indian Premier League, the Pakistan Super League, the Ashes Series, or the World Cup.

Top or Best Team Bowler

One of the common bets is placed on the most wickets taken by a bowler for their team is considered as the top team bowler. However, in case one bowler from both teams has taken the same number of wickets then the one who conceded the least number of runs is considered the winner.

An Underdog

In a cricket match, an underdog is that team that is considered to have higher chances of losing a game played between the two. For instance, Zimbabwe as per the recent statistics may be considered an undergo to compete against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup matches.

Top or Best Team Batsman

When a player makes the most runs in a match for their team between the two teams, that is considered a winner for the top team batsman wager.


Value standards for having the best possible odds on a wager according to a given situation in a match.

These are some of the common cricket betting tips that may be a bit overwhelming new to placing online wagers on the game of cricket. However, if there remains a term that you think needs explanation, let us know and we will explain it to you in the simplest possible terms.