There may involve a lot of complexities when it comes to online betting. Therefore, we have decided to provide a comprehensive guide so that you can learn more about how online betting works in India.



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100% up to ₹10,000

Online Betting in India


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Best Online Cricket Betting Sites in India


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Some of the common questions asked by online betting enthusiasts in India.

  1. Which website can be considered best for online betting in India?
  2. How much money do I need to deposit?
  3. Is it legal to bet in India?

Well, if you were searching for answers to these online betting questions in India, you have come to the right place.
Read this guide till the end to know everything about online betting in India.
Answers to all your questions on betting online in India will be answered here.


India is a country of young and passionate people, who enjoy many activities as their pastime. One of them is placing bets online.

India is a society that’s so full of life. It has a vibrant populace that’s spread across the urban and rural mass lands. It is a community that’s well connected and has a vocal opinion on weather, sports, politics, and plays indoor and outdoor sports like cricket, dice, and teen patti. There is a large number of people who regularly place bets on sporting events online in India.

Bets Online

Traditional betting has moved online from the country’s landline networks choking to death to place bets on the hottest cricket matches in the past to online betting in India. In a country with 500+ million users, online betting sites are become widespread, with a colorful web presence and online mobile betting apps that give their users a good pastime.

The evolution of online betting in India has taken some years before it became a pleasant experience. The new online betting sites in India are taken into account the likes and dislikes of the local population. Thus, introducing their websites in the Hindi language for online betting in India and adding new features besides customizing their services as per the needs of the local betting community.

It is hard to find what the best options are out there, but we are here to help you out! We have already done the research and rated the various Indian betting sites so that you don’t have to.


Here are some recommendations when it comes to finding the best sites for betting online in India.

  1. Sikkimbet: Offer the best welcome offer
  2. 10CRIC: Allows just the Indian players
  3. ComeOn:Exceptional user experience for gambling online
  4. Bet365:  It is the world’s most well-established betting website
  5. Dafabet: It offers exchange betting too.
  6. 1xBet:Cash on delivery also available
  7. Casumo: Best mobile product
  8. 22Bet: Wide range of cricketing bets

Online bettors for cricket in India can look at some of the welcome offers and check the list of top bonuses.

  • ComeOn: ₹35,000 Exclusive Welcome Bonus Offered
  • Sikkimbet: ₹30,000 Exclusive EXCLUSIVE Welcome Bonus Offered
  • Dafabet: ₹30,000 Welcome Bonus Offered
  • 10CRIC: ₹20,000 EXCLUSIVE Welcome Bonus Offered
  • Casumo: ₹3,000 Free Bet on ₹1,000 deposit Offered
  • 22Bet: ₹8,000 Welcome Bonus Given
  • 1xBet: ₹7,500 Welcome Bonus Given
  • Bet365: ₹5,000 Bet Credits Offered

The details shared above entail the availability of a lot of offers. When you want to bet online in India, you must take benefit of these offers and welcome the bonuses that we offer. This extra bonus money can help you a lot when you want to win money betting big time.

A bonus in the online betting world can play a crucial role in giving you the confidence to start solid and make your way ahead when you are trying to learn how online betting in India works.

Sikkimbet in India

The top pick for the best online betting site in India is Sikkimbet. They offer a very customer-friendly service for the online cricket betters in India and also accept the Indian Rupee as a currency. They offer different betting options on various sports like cricket.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider taking advantage of Sikkimbet.

  • It is a well-established bookmaker.
  • Offered its online betting offers to cater to the Indian market.
  • Offers an exceptional welcome bonus and also provides free weekly bets.
  • You can avail of various deposit options.
  • There are many competitive odds.
  • Their mobile application also provides the option of live streaming.

Sikkimbet has established itself abroad as one of the leading betting facilities online operating for a considerable number of years. They bring a wealth of experience when it comes to offering their services to the online Indian betting market. People who love to place bets in India and are passionate about cricket can use their online presence to expand their online betting passion. They offer an exclusive 100% Indian deposit bonus of up to ₹30,000 for anyone who is a new customer.

You can read in detail about Sikkimbet by following this review page on them.

10CRIC Betting in India

We gave five-star recommendations to 10CRIC and a well-deserved second place. They offer their online betting services to Indian audiences exclusively and put a lot of emphasis on two popular sports in India, Cricket and Kabaddi. They are well aware of the regularly recurring problems and will help you overcome them on a priority basis.

Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider using 10CRIC.

  • They target the Indian Players and have a site located in India.
  • 10CRIC offers one of the best welcome bonuses.
  • They provide their betters with different deposit options.
  • Quick and helpful support is always available to help.

You can also deposit money in Indian rupees or via local bank transfers. There are very few online betting sites in India which would be able to beat a welcome bonus of ₹20,000.

Check out our detailed page on the 10CRIC review for more information.

The current list of best online betting sites in India for Indian players is tentative and may change over the years. Since we keep on updating this list based on the suggestions and feedback received.

Make sure you keep visiting these pages as the market keeps changing and new bookmakers keep on coming to the online betting scene of India.

Online Betting in India – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because there have never been any arrests for online betting in India. And there are no laws that explicitly mention it as an illegal activity.

Go online to find a betting site that you like and make your account. Deposit funds into your account and start placing your bets. That is the shortest way to do it, you can also find a full guide on how to place online bets on cricket.

When it comes to the best online betting sites in India, Vegas11 remains at the top of the list for the Indian players. You also get a welcome bonus and can bet with INR, getting the option to avail many promotions as well as cricket markets with exceptional customer support. That can well be a starting point for you.

Cricket comes on top of all games when it comes to passion for sports in India and many other countries. All good betting sites online will ensure that they allow you to place online cricketing bets on big sports events.

Cricket and Online Betting in India

When it comes to placing bets online in India, cricket remains on top of all other sports in the country.

India is a country with its history tied up to cricket for 300 years and ever since then, it has developed a loving affection for the sport.

Millions of people watch every cricket match on TV in India with 400 million-plus viewers glued to the television screens with a total population of 1.3 billion.

Considering the above-mentioned statistics, a lot of people love to follow the sports and place bets online on their favorite cricket players and teams.

Online Betting on Cricket in India

Cricket betting is a very popular form of online entertainment and betting in India.

Unlike many sports like tennis or soccer where there is some match going on every day, cricket is not like that. Still, the volume of bets place on cricket online is huge in India. The majority of the bets are placed during a game in progress. Since cricket is a game that keeps changing its complexion after every few overs.

Since cricket is a big sport, placing bets on online sites ensures that players participate in bigger events. India, due to sheer population size stands apart from other cricket markets. Here is a look at our top picks of the top cricket betting websites.



  • Sikkimbet: Offers the best welcome offer.
  • 10CRIC: Let’s you choose ONLY Indian players.
  • ComeOn: Offers great user experience
  • Bet365: A well-recognized online betting website
  • Dafabet: It is open to placing exchange bets.

We have provided you with the most recommended online betting sites and if you want a bigger list with more players on it, you need to visit our dedicated page for more information on the best cricket betting sites.


There are many big events where you can bet on cricket matches across the globe.
Some of the major cricket betting events include:

  • BBL
  • PSL
  • BPL
  • Cricket World Cup
  • Test Championship
  • T20 World Cup
  • The Hundred
  • APL
  • Global T20
  • MSL
  • and many more

And many other events.

However, despite all these major cricket events, one event that remains close to the online cricket betting enthusiasts in India is the IPL or Indian Premier League.

IPL stands out as the most followed T20 tournament in India and also the world with some of the topmost talented cricket players and existing upcoming talents participating in it from different national teams of cricket.

When the IPL season is on, it attracts millions of INR rupees as wagered on the best performing teams in Indian cricket.

There is a dedicated page on the IPL and everything related to its betting. You can also get more information on how to bet on IPL and betting sites.

Bet365’s Presence in India

When it comes to working with the Indian bookmakers, Bet365 is the website. Bet365 is a well-known online betting site and they have worked towards delivering a great betting environment and one of the few online betting sites in India that you can trust with your money and the information that you provide them.

There are many benefits of making your bets on this website, that may be difficult to find all in one place.

  • You will be able to place your bets online on cricket games in Indian rupees.
  • The website also offers very generous bonuses and many other promotions that are otherwise not easy to find, to encourage you to become a more loyal user.
  • They offer a wide variety of cricket bet selections and also offer cricket betting options for smaller cricket league matches.
  • You will also be provided with the option to view via live stream different sporting events.
  • Add Bet365 to your choice of the best online betting sites in India and avail of the offers they provide.

Go to our betting sites page where you can find all the information you need including the reviews.


Cricket remains the primary sport of passion for the Indian audience. Still, India is a large country with a varied passion for different sports and placing bets on them online. Many sporting events are taking place simultaneously and you don’t need to confine yourself to just cricket online. Instead, you can widen your betting to other sports events as well.

The betting you place on other sports will work the same way as you do it for cricket games.

There are two other sports in India that garner a lot of interest when it comes to online betting.


Football is a game that’s gaining more attention in India. The local premier leagues including Indian Super League and also the English Premier League besides the more popular ones like Champions League, La Liga, and other such premier football sporting events are fast becoming popular.

Football is a global game cherished by millions across the world. The events of football are taking place every day almost 24/7. There are some events taking place in spring as well.

When you want to do online betting in India on football, you need to take into consideration many factors for example, would they allow you to place bets in local currency or INR, any bonuses offered and what other benefits do they offer. You may also like to do live streaming and Bet365 is one such website that offers live streaming for all such events, particularly for the sport of football.


Kabaddi is a local form of wrestling popular with the local community. With the passage of time, more of the online betters in India are also placing their bets on the big kabaddi players in India.

There are many pro players in the Indian Kabaddi team that have made it a popular sport for betting in India. The top players of Kabaddi from around the world gather in India’s leading Pro Kabaddi League, also known as KPL, competing in front of thousands of fans. Kabaddi is a sport popular in the subcontinent.

When it comes to placing online bets on Kabaddi in India, finding relevant sites is still a challenge. There are a handful of websites that provide the option for placing bets for the KPL season like 1XBet and 10CRIC. Due to the scarcity of the odds placement, make sure that you carefully analyze all Kabaddi teams and professionals before placing a bet.


Horse racing is an old and well-established sport in India. Therefore, betting on horse racing in India is old and goes back to many generations. In the old days, you could only place bets with the local bookmaker on the track.

However, you can now place your horse racing bets online in India. You don’t even need to visit the track. Watch your favorite horse win races right from your home when placing bets.

Like Kabaddi, horse racing websites for betting online in India are few and far between. Therefore, we would suggest that you consider using Bet365 and you can use it to place bets on horse racing. You will get the odds on racing with live streaming of events.


  •  Indian Players Welcome
  •  Big Welcome Bonus
  •  Bet with Indi
Bet now
Cricket Bets


The cricket match history goes back to 1727 in India.


India remains one of the countries with a very high number of mobile phone users who rely on a lot of smartphone applications. However, the ability of your phone to process data is limited. Instead, you can rely on a website for that.

When it comes to in-play betting, including cricket, a lot of the online bettors in India want to rely on the online Indian mobile betting apps instead of visiting the betting sites or web pages directly.

Many of the mobile phone operators now understand this changing trend and issue faced by the Indian players. Therefore, a lot of them have started offering dedicated online betting apps for Indian bettors.


If you want a responsive website for placing sports online in India using your smartphone, then you can rely on ComeOn. There are few other mobile apps for online betting in India that enjoy the same repute in the EU as ComeOn.

This mobile app is a lot better than what’s available out there in the market. They have a very mobile-friendly betting app that’s fast and also helps you place bets on and also play casino games online.

ComeOn Betting Features:

  • It is an awesome app for betting in India.
  • The app is built with a responsive design for mobile
  • Offers a grand online casino
  • A user-friendly interface

ComeOn has recently come onto the online Indian betting market scene and is also offering deposits in Indian rupees. They are also focused on offering a better welcome to bettors with a bonus of INR 10,000.

Make sure that you don’t miss out on checking the ComeOn mobile app and see how it makes your live betting experience on mobile more joyous.

When it comes to mobile betting in India they are made to make users feel comfortable. However, a few of the bookmakers focus on delivering the best user experience loaded with useful features. ComeOn remains the best betting app in India like Dafabet, 10CRIC, and Sikkimbet. All of these mobile apps come with great features and highly responsive websites.

You will have to install each one of these mobile apps on your smartphone to see what features they offer and what kind of user experience they will deliver.

Online Betting in India

Some states in India do allow online betting.


Before online betting became popular in India, the bettors had to contact the bookmakers to place their bets. Online betting has made it easy for them to place bets online without worrying about legality due to the protection of their personal information.

With more of the online betting sites coming to India, more of the online bettors can take benefit of their services legally.

Local bookmakers have adapted the online betting technology so that Indians can work with their local bookmakers in placing the bets on local Indian betting sites. This will allow you to easily place your bets online. Many new local Indian betting sites handle the payments on their websites.

If you want to place a bet on an offshore betting site or with a local bookmaker’s website, there are many other factors that need to be considered.



  • Betting available on credit
  • You can place bets in person and get assistance as well as support.


  • It is not legal in a lot of cases.
  • The online user experience is not that good and the apps need more work.
  • You have to meet in person to make payments.
  • You can only place bets but no casino or other games.
  • The in-play is very slow or worse doesn’t exist.

This is the honest opinion that we have of the local betting sites in India with some advantages. However, there more disadvantages to placing bets on local Indian betting sites.

They do provide credit, and you can contact them for support to sort out issues on an urgent basis. However, it is not legal to facilitate betting locally in India, so be careful when placing bets on local Indian sites.

The choppy user experience makes it difficult to enjoy betting with local Indian betting apps and websites. They do not support additional games and mostly have no in-play betting and other props that offshore apps for betting in India offer.

You can use an Indian local betting website but it is not something suggested because of the issues mentioned above.


Since you have got a fair idea of the things that you have to know about Indian betting sites and how you can approach it, let’s dive into what you need to do to start placing your bets online in India.

  • Register yourself with a betting website.
  • Deposit money in Indian Rupees.
  • Place a bet after doing your homework on the teams.
  • Withdraw your money.


Make sure that you find a preferred destination online and then register yourself an account there. Registration of an account is free and it is recommended that you make an account with different websites.
If you don’t know where to start, here are our top three picks for getting yourself an online betting account in India.

  1. Sikkimbet
  2. 10CRIC
  3. ComeOn

You will need to provide some basic information including an email, password, your phone number, address, and some other details. The website will ensure safe storage of your information and keep it secure and confidential.

After creating your account, it is time to check their offers. Make sure that you find the sport on their website on which you wish to place bets. Like if you want to place bets on casino games, cricket, football, or horse racing. Also, ensure that they are allowing deposit & play with Indian rupees to make it easy for you to place bets using their website or mobile application.

However, if you don’t like the website you signed up for, you can always logout and find some other option. Else stick with them and enjoy placing online bets and winning.


You need to deposit real money to place bets on an Indian betting website. You would have to physically go to their cashier and deposit money or use any other method that they provide for depositing cash.
In some cases, when working with offshore websites, you may find it hard to deposit money due to the government’s efforts to stop offshore websites from letting you deposit your money.
The most common methods for depositing money are NetBanking or UPI these days.


Methods for Deposit
Suggested Methods of Depositing Money for Indian Bettors
The above mentioned two methods are secure and convenient. Top recommended betting sites in India including Sikkimbet and 10CRIC regularly use these banking options.
If you find both these methods difficult or inconvenient, you can always use a credit card or e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller. But try the above methods since they are more reliable and won’t hit and miss.


Once you have deposited the money into your account, it is time to start placing bets.
Start navigating through the sports section to find bets in different categories including sports. The sport betting sites in India provide different categories and events on which you can place your bets besides the typical ‘Match Winner’ bets.
They will create for you a bet slip and add your bet to that and show you that it has been added. See the example from the Sikkimbet bet slip below.


How to place a bet on Sikkimbet? 

You would have to add the amount of money for which you want to place a bet and click on the ‘Place Bet’ button. The website will deduct the funds from your account and your bet will get registered.
Now, you need to wait and hope that the outcome of your event comes in your favor.
Once you have won an amount, it will be credited to your account after the conclusion of the event. For instance, if you placed a bet on a match ball for say a six or a four and the outcome was what you anticipated, your win money will be deposited as soon as that bowl is balled. You don’t need for the match to end to get that money.


Once you have won money on a bet, you can withdraw it to use for something else of your choice. Perhaps treating yourself nice to celebrate a win.
The withdrawal method is mostly the same as the way you deposited the money. However, in the case of credit cards, you will have to share your bank details.
Please keep in mind that the first time you win and want to withdraw the money, it may take a bit of time and you need to be patient. Since professional online betting sites in India follow their own KYC or Know Your Customer routine to ensure that funds are transferred back to the person they belong to and the betting money came from a legal source of income.
Typical documents that they may need for verification may include:

  • Your proof of identity or passport or driver’s license.
  • Proof of address that may come from your utility bill or bank statement.
  • Your most recent photography.

You can share these documents even before you have deposited the money to start placing bets.

Note: Betting sites in India do not accept a PAN Card as a valid identity proof and unless you prove your identity, you will not be able to withdraw money.


This section discusses in detail the gambling laws in India.

  • The laws related to gambling are not clear not just for India but for most countries.
  • You need to know that the law touches a lot of grey areas and there is no black or white.
  • The outdated Indian gambling laws do not take technology into consideration that is used for gambling. The Public Gambling Act 1867 is over 150 years old and still remains the legal guide for gambling in India. It only tells you that it is illegal to run a gambling house and the penalty for running one is either 1-month prison and or a ₹100 fine.
  • This law also discusses luck and skill. Consider games like blackjack and poker that online bettors consider as games that require a lot of skill, but the government doesn’t look at it the same way.
  • Therefore, considering the above, sports betting is considered a grey area.
  • An estimated $60 billion is siphoned out of India, half of which is considered to belong to the online betting industry of India. There have been no known fines or arrests when it comes to online betting in India.
  • India gives a freehand to states to make their own gambling laws.
  • The top states for gambling in India include Sikkim, Daman, and Goa. There are many brick and mortar casinos in Sikkim and Goa to play casino games and place bets on sports, but only offline.
  • Indians do gamble online but they need to be aware of the IT Act 2000 that makes it illegal to do any activity online in India that the government sees as corruptible. There is a fine of up to ₹1,00,000 and/or 5 years in prison. Still, a lot of people in India place bets online.
  • Indians can use offshore betting sites and online casinos to place bets. Examples include Sikkimbet, Bet365, and 10CRIC. These are the top betting sites that accept Indian players. Since these facilities exist offshore, the Indian government cannot do anything about it.
  • You can place bets in some of the Indian states but offline. If you want to place bets online in India, you will have to find an offshore casino or bookmaker.

Things are changing for online gamblers in India as the new report from the law commission in India suggests that it is not possible to enforce a complete ban to deal with gambling and the regulations for such enforcement may need more work.

We all know how much time Indian politicians take before agreeing on something. Also, gambling is not one of the core problems that Indian lawmakers have to deal with on such urgent. There are many other core issues that the government needs to tackle.

Legal experts and online bettors in India know that it will take many years before the government can come up with a law to stop Indians from waging bets online.

So, in conclusion, you should feel safe placing bets online in India. Make sure that you select a bookmaker who is reliable and don’t let anyone around you know that you are placing bets.