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The aim at Sikkimbet is to stay ahead of the curve and predict two days ahead of each cricket match going live. However, at times, this may not be possible because cricket leagues across the world are getting busier and it takes some cool minded thinking and time to make the predictions.

Our analysis is focused on covering in detailed reports on both the participating teams in a cricket match including their match performance and also try to project the trajectory of the match, mainly focusing on the winner of today’s match.

You will also find information and analysis on the dream cricket team predictions.


The Sikkimbet team does more than just analyze the matches. We also work on predicting the outcomes and provide tips to help you succeed at cricket betting.

When it comes to betting on cricket in India, we often need to rely on what we are thinking. However, we go beyond just the whims of who will win the next game of cricket. Instead, we closely analyze individual batsmen and bowlers’ performance, teams overall makeup, and matches played in the past.

For instance, if you are giving you a betting tip on which team is going to win, we may do more than just that and try to tell you which team is going to win.

Examples may include:

  • The team which is going to score the most runs during the first 6 overs.
  • Which batsman will go LBW at the start?
  • Who will be the man of the match?

These are some of the many ways we give betting tips. Offering more opportunities for you to win big on every cricket match, betting on multiple options in both innings of the match.

At Sikkimbet we provide our players with cricket betting tips by providing odds. We may also provide you with betting opportunities that may never seem to happen. However, you need to think of what each betting event of cricket we provide a tip for will offer to you if you win.


There are no fixed reports that we can offer. If you find someone who claims to know what is going to happen next is lying to you. They may be part of criminal activity and bring a bad name to the gentlemen’s sport.

Sikkimbet or its team will never become part of any such activity. If you know someone who does that, you have to step up and help ICC clean such con artist bookmakers from the game of cricket.

Are There Any Toss Predictions? 

We or any other cricket betting website online can offer you a sure short answer to the question of who will win the toss. So if someone claims that, they are lying to you.

However, still winning a toss has remained vital to competing successfully in a cricketing match whether the pitch is supporting the bowlers or the batsmen.

Can Sikkimbet Cricket Betting Tips Go Wrong? 

Yes, sometimes, our cricket experts may get wrong. It can happen to anyone who considers themselves as the topmost cricket analyst and they consider themselves as someone who knows the game. If there were such a person, they could make millions of rupees by accurately predicting every cricket match outcome.

A good ratio of winning cricket bets is anywhere from 52% to 56%. However, we are talking here about the average of all the games that a cricket bettor has betted on.

Does Sikkimbet Offer a Premium Service?

At this time Sikkimbet does not offer a paid service. However, we may offer such a service. Who knows?

If and when you are looking for a premium cricket betting and tips service on Sikkimbet, make sure to voice your opinion. We will take your feedback and suggestions into consideration whenever we take that route.

Who Gives Cricket Betting Tips on Sikkimbet?

At Sikkimbet, we love to work with the top cricket writers, who have a passion for the game of cricket in their blood and their hands spring to action due to the excitement they feel whenever they start expressing their cricketing opinions.

For more information on Sikkimbet and our cricket tips, please visit ours About Us page.

Can I Lose My Money Betting on Your Tips?

As mentioned above, it is impossible to be right every time. So always keep in mind that when you are betting, you may not be right each time.

As no one can predict the future with pinpoint accuracy, there is no way we or anyone can guarantee 100% that you will make money following our cricket betting tips.

Avoid betting a lot of money on one single match and don’t gamble if you cannot afford to lose it.

I Won a Lot of Money with Your Cricket Betting Tips.

Well, if our cricket betting tips have helped you earn, we couldn’t be happier. Enjoy your win money.

Is There Are a Difference Between Rates & Odds? 

Rates and odds in cricket betting are two terms used interchangeably, use whichever term you like more.

For more information on how to place bets on cricket please check this section here.

Which Website is the Best for Cricket Betting Online? 

Sikkimbet is rated as the top cricket betting website online and it is due to the sheer hard work of our team that has helped us make it to the top of the cricket betting sites globally.

However, still, we would encourage you to go read more about different cricket betting websites online and see which one you like the most.

It is OK to try more than one cricket betting websites and available the benefit of signup bonus that they offer with new promotions getting rolled out each day exclusively for our readers.