What are the donations for?

Donations allow to server to stay alive, paying monthly feed and future developments.

What are Donation Points?

For thank you about a donation we give you some points that you can use in our web or ingame Itemmall for get more items.

What payment solutions are disponible?

For Now there is only Paypal and you can pay with creditcard, Paypal credit or Bank. New methods will e added in the future.

Where can I retire the items that I bought on Web Mall?

You can retire the bought items from any ingame bank. If you was logged during the bought, will need to log in again.

But the game is free?

Yes, the game is completely free and you can farm DP ingame for buy the items that are in the itemmall.

I have a question that is not mentioned here, what can i do?

If you didn't find an answer here feel free to Contact us on our discord server.

Please before you donate contact the admin from Discord Channel, thanks :)

20.000 AP - 5€

50.000 AP - 15€

100.000 AP - 25€

150.000 AP - 35€

200.000 AP - 50€

400.000 AP - 80€

500.000 AP - 90€

GM TAG - 5€